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    Keyboarding Online provides best keyboarding software for elementary schools, secondary schools, etc. It is #1 for online educational keyboarding instructions.

    • All software development and support in in-house.
    • 1989, Keyboarding and Ten Key Data Entry were born.
    • 2003, Internet based Keyboarding and Ten Key Data Entry.
    • Author Barbara Ellsworth taught keyboarding and office technologies for 46 years at Mesa Community College.
    • Staff with a great sense of humor, commitment, and a desire to have fun.
    • A company that leads the pack with cutting-edge features and technologies for keyboarding.
    • Cost controls and cost consciousness to keep products affordable for schools and their students.
    • The leading provider of online keyboarding!

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    Barbara Ellsworth

    Expert Cruise Taker

    Taught keyboarding before it was cool.

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    Dean Ellsworth Sr.

    Big Dawg

    Squashes us under his power and dominion.

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    Dean Ellsworth Jr.

    Big Dawg Jr.

    He tries to take after his namesake.

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